Saturday, October 23, 2010

Robert Scoble, Tristan Harris, Paul Levinson, Michelle Anderson, Apture and Scribd

What do Robert Scoble (aka the Scobleizer), Tristan Harris (CEO of Apture), Michelle Anderson, and I have in common?

Well, back in the summer, Michelle Anderson published a primo interview with me on Read Write Web.  And last week, she sent me a congratulatory email saying I'd been "Scobleized" ...

By which she meant, Tristan Harris had used our interview as the prime example in the video interview Robert Scoble had conducted with Harris about Apture.   Here it is:

After watching the interview, I decided to give Apture a try, right here on Infinite Regress.  Piece of cake to install the one line of code, and it's at work right here on this blog, right now.   Can't see it?  That's because it doesn't get in your way.  But highlight any word or phrase, and watch what happens.  You can click on the Learn More bubble, and, well, learn a lot more about the subject and online connections of the word or phrase you highlighted.   The bounty of the web - links, photos, videos - in a click.   And you can do the same for any of the places you see in the bubble.    Bubbles within bubbles, all glistening with information.

Think about what this also means for books online.   Apture on a site such as Scribd would allow any word in the book to be highlighted, with the resultant delivery of web connections an instant later.  References are no longer necessary for scholarly books, because you can get them, live, always in the waiting, from the Apture app.   And they continually update.

The very beginning of what I see as one of the more profound revolutions in New New Media...
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