Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NCIS 8.3: Tiff!

We last saw Abby Brammell in a regular TV-series role as Tiffany, the neglected  but much desired wife of Mack, the stone-cool tough-as-nails second in command on the late lamented  CBS show The Unit.  Brammell's not only back but now part of the armed services herself in episode 8.3 of NCIS, where she plays  tough-as-nails Marine Sgt. Heather Dempsey, who puts three deadly shots in the chest of an in intruder in her home, shortly after she gets out of bed after sleeping with someone else's husband.

She lies to the NCIS team about her bed-mate, which makes first DiNozzo and then the rest of us suspicious.  But she turns out to be innocent - at least, of any wrong-doing in the shooting - and, who knows, I hope we see more of Heather on the series.  She's excellent at defusing bombs.

Lots of good touches in this episode, including a lesson from Ducky on how pineapple juice can be used to make fingers fingerprintless, and the travails of Gibbs and Tobias with "atomic" spicy Indian take-out (something I can relate to).   DiNozzo's up to be the public face of NCIS recruitment, but the powers that be go with Gibbs as more authoritarian (I would've gone with Ziva on the poster, but that's just me).

Seeing Gibbs eating take-out at home with Tobias drove home the point is that Gibbs is still in need of a little better permanent company.   Jenny's of course long gone, the woman colonel a few years ago fizzled out,  there was a little chemistry between Margaret and Gibbs last year - but it didn't get too far and we've seen no sign of her this season.   That leaves ... hey, maybe Heather...

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