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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dexter 5.4: Dexter's Conscience

Back with a review of Dexter 5.4, in what is continuing to be another stellar season.

Dexter has always had a heart - one of the many things that has made his character so appealing, so compelling.  Tonight it comes to the fore again.  Lumen (well played by Julia Stiles) has seen Dexter dispatch Boyd.   She's nearly dead herself - having been brutalized by Boyd, his next victim - when Dexter opens the door and takes her in.

Harry's advice is predicable and clear.  The very first of his rules is "never get caught".  Lumen could easily lead to Dex getting caught, if she lives to tell the police or just about anyone what she saw.  But Dexter can't kill her.  He has a heart, a conscience, despite what he says to himself about himself.  He doesn't intentionally kill innocent people, even to save himself.

So instead of killing Lumen, he has to win her over, make her take "a leap of faith" and trust Dexter.   He succeeds in this, only to find that she has been victimized not just by one man.  There's a band of these sicko killers, and Dexter will no doubt be drawn into Lumen's attempt to kill them.   That's the price for his winning her over.

Meanwhile, Quinn is trying his best to link Dexter to the killing of Rita, by way of Trinity's family.   He fails - narrowly - but Deb is leading him off to bed together, again.  In a rare display of decency, he tells he's no good for her - after all, he's trying to nab her beloved brother - but he's going to bed with her anyway.

Julia Stiles brings a lot to Lumen role.  She's more than a bit reminiscent of Rita - both victimized, brutalized, by life.  Dexter also has a place in his soul and heart for such women.   Will be fun to see the roller coaster ride of where this goes.

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