Monday, October 4, 2010

Mad Men 4.11: "Look at that Punim"

"Look at that punim," Faye affectionately says to Don about his face in Mad Men 4.11 - "punim" is Yiddish for face - and that punim has reason to be concerned, given that Lucky Strike's exit from Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce has hit the fan.

A large part of this excellent episode, in what is shaping up to be the best season of Mad Men thus far, is about the impact Lucky Strike's departure has on Don and Faye's relationship.  SCDP goes into emergency mode, which means the gang must do everything to keep their other clients, and draw in new ones.  Don asks Faye to keep him posted on any of her clients - outside of SCDP - who may be unhappy with their ad representation and therefore ripe for SCDP poaching.  Faye balks and stalks out of the office.

Don, who has asked Megan to keep an eye on his drinking, ends up sleeping with her - at her initiation - even though he says it's not "a good idea".   Megan seems more on top of her feelings, in touch with what she wants, than was Allison, so this could have a more of a future.  But -

Don finds Faye at his door when he goes home, with news of a client that Don can approach.  She's thought over their conversation, and decided that her deepest loyalties in everything reside with Don.  Lucky guy.   I do like Faye a lot better than Betty, in any case, especially this season.

The other big fallout from Lucky Strike's leaving is Roger, or, more precisely, Roger and Joan.  Roger wants to sleep with Joan.  She understandably says no - - understandable given the pregnancy that resulted the last time time the two made love.  Roger still has just about everything anyone could want, but he's never seemed more pathetic, hat in hand and dejected.

About the only character with undiluted happiness in last night's episode is Peggy, who sleeps with Abe and really enjoys it.   Even the mishap with lipstick on her teeth at a presentation to a client does little to daunt her.  About time - Peggy's waited a long time for a good relationship.

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