Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Good Wife 2.4: Surprise Candidate, Intimate Interpersonal Distance, Ultimate Loyalites

A first class episode 2.4 of The Good Wife on CBS last night, with a least three telling, even crucial, developments:

1. Chief Justice Adler - played tough as nails by Kate Burton (Richard Burton's daughter) - is about to announce her entrance into the race for State Attorney, competition that neither Peter nor Childs needs.  Gold talks Diane into pressuring Adler not to run - Diane's more than happy to do this, after the hot and cold treatment she received from Adler last season about Diane's political prospects.   Adler seems to yield, but at the end of the episode we learn that Adler has gotten Wendy Scott-Caar to run.  Scott-Carr is attractive, articulate, sharp as a whip.  And she was Childs' attorney during the deposition.   In many ways an even more dangerous challenge to Peter than Adler would have been.

2. Kalinder and Blake continue to spar.  When Blake gets literally in Kalinder's face about her smashing the windows of his car so she can poke around inside, Kalinder gets even closer to Blake, in what we communication theorists call intimate interpersonal distance.   It's a powerful scene, in which Kalinder essentially turns the tables on the sexual intimidation that men have been known to try on women in business situations.

3. But the best part of the episode has Cary trying to destroy Alicia by getting her to admit that Peter gave her a heads-up about her first case in the first episode of the series.  This could damage Peter, who was not supposed to share such information with anyone, certainly not his wife acting as a defense attorney.   Will at first tells Alicia she has to sacrifice Peter, if necessary, on behalf of the firm.  Alicia can't do that, she's caught between a rock and a hard place on this, and-  Will at the last moment uses an intimation of something Will knows about Childs to get Cary to desist.

What we learn about Alicia and Will in this interlude is telling.   Alicia's not going to sacrifice Peter.   And neither will Will sacrifice Alicia, or put her in an impossible situation.   Will Alicia's appreciation of Will's devotion to her eventually get her to reconsider her decision at the beginning of this season, and learn about the voice mail that Gold erased?

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