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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bones 6.3 at the Jersey Shore, Yo and Plymouth Rock

Funnier than usual Episode 6.3 finds Bones at the Jersey Shore - both the physical reality and the MTV show ambience - with Brennan doing a fine anthropologist blending in with and explaining the language of the natives to Booth and anyone who'll listen.  I can't recall the last time a TV show spoofed another so well and still on the air.   We've come a long way since the 1950s, when television series had an unwritten policy of for some reason never showing people watching television, and the idea of one show goofing on another was unheard of, especially a show currently playing happily on another network.  Kudos to Bones for stretching the expectations so well again.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, we also got another heart-tugging episode of Hannah, Booth, and Bones.  Hannah's moving into Booth's place.  She wants to give Booth a house-warming gift, and Bones is more than happy to give advice - get Booth an old-fashioned working phone.  Bones sees how happy Booth is with the present, but clearly feels something when she leaves Booth and Hannah (and Booth does too).

How long will it take for Hannah to realize that Bones and Booth are more than just very close friends and sympatico colleagues?  How long before Bones and Booth realize this?  This of course has been the enduring, motivating question of the entire series, enhanced now with Bones playing John Alden to Booth's Priscilla, helping Hannah "Standish" get closer to Booth ....

Hey, tonight's show was not only about the Jersey Shore and the Sitch, it was about Plymouth Rock and Wordsworth.  Poetry in motion...

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