Tuesday, October 12, 2010

House 7.4: Mind Games

House and Cuddy continue to develop their relationship in episode 7.4 of House.   When Cuddy tells House that his continuing little games are keeping them from being totally close, he replies that she's still keeping a distance from him - not having him sleep over her home, keeping House a distance from her daughter.  The result at the end is House is having dinner with Cuddy and her daughter, an important step in the right direction for their relationship.

Meanwhile, House's case involves mind games of another kind.  Sometimes, when a patient is having hallucinations, it's because she's schizophrenic, and has gone off of her medications.   This a nice twist on the usual set-up on House, where a strange physical ailment can have mental repercussions.

House figures it out - is pushed in the direction of a mental source of the patient's problem - by a new woman on the team.  House doesn't like her as a replacement for Cameron.  Foreman doesn't like her as a replacement for Thirteen.   Understandable, and, in their opinion, Chase brought her in for the main purpose of "getting laid".  That's understandable, too.

And, in the end, that's just - and all - that Chase gets.  The new woman doc on the block quits the team.  And, since she has a policy of not going out with colleagues, she's now free to indulge her interest in Chase.   He's happy, she's happy, we the viewers are happy.

It's a rare episode of House in which so many people end up happy, but it's been that kind of happier season.

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