Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NCIS 8.4: Gary Cooper not John Wayne

Well, my favorite line on last night's NCIS 8.4 on CBS came from Gibbs, who corrects a Brit (who turns out to be an MI-6 agent) who calls Gibbs "John Wayne," in response to Gibbs' intention to take matters into his own hands, protocol be damned, and not let a Brit ship which may be Gibbs' crime scene leave American waters.  Gibbs quietly corrects the Brit: "Gary Cooper".

I always preferred the type of intelligent courage that Gary Cooper displayed in High Noon to the more shoot-em-up kind of John Wayne, and so, usually, does Gibbs.   Last night finds him relentlessly standing up not only to the Brits, but to his own superiors, and the CIA, too, for good measure.   Gibbs at his best, and I won't to tell you who the villain is, in case you haven't yet scene this episode.

Ok, it's not the Brit, which could be important for future NCIS cases, especially if they veer to the international, where Ziva's father (seen at the end of the first episode this season) will no doubt  be cropping up.   Add to this that Ziva is a little attracted to the Brit, and you have some good recipes for conflict and fun.

We also got some good repartee last night between DiNozzo and the Brit about movies, and I endorse their appreciation of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore over just Dudley Moore in great cinematic roles.  (My favorite, though, not mentioned by DiNozzo, is Bedazzled from 1967 - trust me, you'll love it.)

But back to Coop - High Noon (1952) has to be of the best movies ever made, and the lead role is definitely one Mark Harmon could play if they ever do a remake.  In the meantime, here are two versions of  the Dimitri Tiomkin - Ned Washington song from the movie, to whet your appetite...

Actually, the second version I wanted to put here apparently can't be embedded, but here's the link to its YouTube home. This is the actual opening of the movie...

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