Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NCIS 8.5: DJ Dead, DiNozzo Hoarse, and Baseball

DiNozzo loses his voice in NCIS 8.5 as the team investigates the murder of an abrasive radio talk show host - a double loss of voices - but DiNozzo nonetheless speaks clearly of his yearning for the sexier Ziva of a few years ago, which is good to hear.

In fact, DiNozzo and Ziva even have a nice tight clinch - she on top of him - as Ziva tackles DiNozzo to shield him from an explosive.   She tells him she can tell he's enjoying it, and DiNozzo, ever quick with a retort, says, "don't flatter yourself, that's my knee."

As for the case, turns out the killer wasn't after the naval officer who was being interviewed live on the air, and not after the DJ because of his strident opinions.   Rather, the purpose of the murder was to stop the DJ from exposing a domestic terrorist cell.   This is a nice twist on the variety of talk jocks as targets for personal reasons, or because the perps disagree with the DJ's general political opinion, that we've seen as plot lines in the movies and on television the past few years.  Instead, the Howard Stern, Glenn Beck, or whatever the DJ in this episode is killed because he's in effect an investigative reporter.   If you've gotta be killed, that's surely the most noble reason.

Also good to see that DiNozzo and McGee are such big baseball fans.   Worked great for me, seeing NCIS on DVR yesterday right after the Yankee-Ranger's playoff game on TBS from Yankee Stadium.  In fact, it was the highlight of the evening for me, seeing as how the Yankees lost (the Yanks and Rangers are playing an early game right now, at Yankee Stadium, as I write this.)

And we had one the nicest endings I can recall on NCIS last night - Ziva and Gibbs throwing the ball, as DiNozzo and McGee look on....

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