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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Criminal Minds 6.22: Psycho and a Half

Good, complex Criminal Minds 6.22 tonight, with not one but two possible psycho killers, who aren't really partners, but who both prey on young women.

Talbot has a record of Peeping Tomism, and inexplicably gets hired as a high school art teacher.  Is he responsible for the brutal rapes and killings of high school girls, including one who's been kidnapped but is still alive?   Evidence shows up on his premises ... including blood stained clothing and photographs of his female students ... 

But then there's Bremmer, who, it turns out, had a wife and teenage daughter who died years ago.   He also has an artistic bent, a talent for stained glass.  We soon see that the killer is indeed Bremmer, and he's been framing Talbot.   More than that, he's been using Talbot's photographs to find high school girls who look like his daughter.  How did he get to Talbot's premises in the first place?  Talbot hired Bremmer to put in some stained glass.

The kidnapped girl is saved from death in a car under water by heroic running and diving by Morgan, joined by Hotch who puts Bremmer out of his misery -  he'd been driving the car and was trying his utmost to prevent his victim from surfacing.   All's well that ends well?

Not quite. In a chilling last scene, we see Talbot back home, with a photograph collection of his female students far more extensive that we previously saw.  You just know this guy is building up to something, and liable to back in BAU's sights, if not this year, then likely next.

In the world portrayed in Criminal Minds - which, unfortunately, is ours - putting away one psycho killer is rarely enough ...

PS - The opening quote was about how even God can't change the past.   Made me think - that's what time travel is for.  But, then again, Criminal Minds isn't science fiction...

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Anonymous said...

"We soon see that the killer is indeed Bremmer, and he's been framing Talbot. More than that, he's been using Bremmer's photographs to find high school girls who look like his daughter."
I thought that Bremmer has been using Talbot's photographs (not Bremmer's photographs, as shown above) to find high schoo girls who look like his daughter. Is that right?

Paul Levinson said...

Right - thanks! - I've just corrected the mistyping!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome!