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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bones 6.22: Phoenix Love

Well, I thought last night’s Bones 6.22 was a just-about-perfect episode, even though my prediction that the team member who would succumb to Brodsky’s bullet would be Cam was incorrect.   I’m actually glad about that.

I had ruled out the assistants, saying they each played too minor a role to deliver the requisite trauma from their death, but I was wrong about that, too. Mr. Nigel-Murray’s killing was handled so well that it did indeed carry this powerful story.

The way of each of the team responded, each in his or her own way, was utterly real and convincing. This includes Booth’s almost matter-of-fact insistence that Bones spend the night in his apartment, for safety’s sake.

So was the way Bones comes into Booth’s bedroom in the wee hours of the morning – seeking comfort from her being haunted by Nigel-Murray’s last words, please "don’t make me go".  Bones is sure that Nigel-Murray was speaking to her, and she's deeply wounded in wondering why he thought she would want him to leave. Booth’s response, that Nigel-Murray was talking to God or the Universe – he just wanted more time on this Earth – was perfect and heart-rending.

It was also perfectly logical that Bones ask Booth if she could lay on his chest in bed, and his answer, that’s what I’m here for, was just right, too.

We don’t see what actually happened, but I think it’s clear from the expression on Bones’ face as she starts to tell Angela what happened, that the comfort was more than psychological.  It was just as it should have been.

It was wise of Hart Hanson to tuck this amazing development into a story about the loss of Nigel-Murray, which gives both Booth and Bones the option of saying and maybe even believing that what happened in Booth’s bed was a result of both Booth and Bones being in state of shock, and not indicative of a new path for the two of them.

Nah – I think everything has changed, and that’s all to the good, at least as far as Booth and Bones and fans including me are concerned.

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