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Sunday, May 29, 2011

House Season 7 Finale - In Paradise

Well, as you know if you saw it, the House Season Seven finale ends with ... House on a paradisical island or shoreline somewhere ... confounding Wilson's expectation that House would likely be found in the darkest bar in New Jersey.

How and why House got to the island is the meat of the story - and the set-up for next season.  House drives his car into Cuddy's house, after he sees her with her date and another couple inside, through the window.   Cuddy vows to have him arrested if he ever comes near her again, presumably including at work anywhere in the hospital.

I know there are many opinions on House and Cuddy, but here's mine: she knew what she was getting into when she finally took him in her arms and initiated a relationship at the end of last season.  She knew House was unreliable, to say the least - an asocial drug addict genius with a supreme ego and a positive zest about doing anything he pleased and lying about it.   Cuddy knew all this, and proceeded to take House in her arms and open her heart to him anyway.

She had to know that this would have a profound effect on House, and at the same time not totally change him.   I therefore found her fury about his using again and lying about it earlier this season not all that sympathetic -  I thought she was wrong to break up with him.   Although she's certainly not wrong now to be livid at someone, anyone, driving a car into her house - a depraved act -  House's driving the car was something she was in some sense in part responsible for creating.

The good news for House is that the act may have finally gotten Cuddy out his system, and, very luckily for him and human decency,  he didn't hurt anyone with the car.   We see him in the last scene leaving a bar on the shore of his own volition well before inebriation.   House may be more in control of his life than ever before.

Will be interesting to see how all of this picks up next season.  Lisa Edelstein has been reported to have left the series - which should make for a very interesting final season, with no Cuddy - but you never know with a television series.  Cuddy could be back, and the next season may not be the final season.  

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