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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Event 1.20: Two Poisons

The Event continues to run on 24-like high octane - someone even says something about "24" seconds in tonight's episode 1.20.  Just substitute the incredibly cold-blooded Sophia and her aliens for the nefarious international groups that Jack Bauer confronted.   Tonight, Sophias two poison's come close to succeeding.

One is in President Martinez, and it's brought him to the point of having only hours to live.  Simon has the antidote, which he stole last week from the alien doc.  Can he get it to Martinez in time?  With the help of Sterling, he gets the antidote to the First Lady Christina, who lies to VP Jarvis (who thinks he's drone bombing Simon and Sterling).  And Christina injects the antidote into the President.

I knew she wouldn't be taken in by Jarvis's lies.  She's too smart.  And she's likely a good alien herself - or maybe a hybrid (she had that expression on her face after she came clean with her husband about why she didn't want a DNA test) - and therefore would be likely to believe Sterling and Simon, who of is himself a good alien.

One poison apparently counter-acted.

The other, not completely.  This is the Spanish flu - a virus not a poison, but hey, it amounts to the same - that Sophia wants to unleash on the Earth's populace.  Sean and Vicky are in a race to stop Sophia's agents from setting the virus loose in a shopping mall.   They do this - barely - but Sophia has a chance to get the virus tested on a bus.   She concludes from this that there may be a way to slow down the virus's lethal impact, which is needed to spread the virus worldwide.  She'll see what impact it has on a hybrid - aliens are immune to the virus, humans are ultra-vulnerable, so a hybrid test subject makes good sense.  And Leila is at hand ...

This brings us back to Sean.  He is able to disarm the flu-bomb by shooting its dispersal mechanism.  Not likely that would work, when cutting the wrong wire could trip it off, but ok.   And Vicky once again stands by him, in the face of yet another death.  My hypothesis about Vicky: she's pregnant with Sean's baby (though I can't recall - did we see them sleep together at least once?)

Looking forward to more of The Event this season, and still hoping it will be back again in the Fall.

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