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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Criminal Minds Season 6 Finale

The Criminal Minds season 6 finale opens with Hotch calling a special morning meeting.   Reid notes that this is the first time Hotch has called such a meeting in three some odd years, and that last time was to announce Gideon's departure.   This time, the meeting is to perhaps encourage someone on the team to leave, which may happen even if no one wants to leave, since the FBI is tightening its belt.   The episode ends with no decision made by anyone about leaving, and in fact someone who left the team returning.  That would be J. J. - who's good to see back, but you'd have to had been in a catatonic state not to know about this, given all the spoilers and hints and coming attractions flying around.

In between was an excellent story, with the BAU working to bring down a vicious bunch of human traffickers.   Some good twists here with the trafflicking chief being a young woman the same age as the victims.   And a nice exchange of Rossi saving Morgan and Morgan returning the favor a little later when the head of the trafficking ring is about to kill him (not clear, though, what tips Rossi off to her - it seems to be her saying something about not wanting to be strapped down).

In many ways the most notable and promising development is the hint of some kind of attraction between Hotch and Andi, head of the FBI's Domestic Trafficking Task Force.   Would be nice to see the two of them get together, assuming Hotch is on the show next year (it would be a grievous loss to the show if he wasn't).

Which brings us back to J.J.  - there was no reason, plot- or character-wise, for her to leave in the first place.  She adds something unique to the team, as does every member (and that, in a nutshell, is what makes Criminal Minds so much better than not-renewed Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, in which Gina, Prophet, and Mick were never clearly defined).   Will be fun to see J.J. at work again in the Fall.

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Anonymous said...

It goes back to earlier in the show...the medical examiner tells Rossi and Morgan that the two victims in the car had bruising on the necks, arms and legs indicating that they were dragged around and there was "no signs of other restraints". Thus, being "strapped down" was not part of the MO.

Paul Levinson said...

Ah - good pick up, Anon - that makes sense. Thanks!