Monday, May 2, 2011

The Event 1.19: Triptych

The Event 1.19 continued tonight on NBC with three taut, fast-moving, converging stories.

President Martinez is now in a coma., and a step away from death.  The coffee stain on Blake's shirt cuff proved to contain a biological catalyst of unknown origin - as we knew it would - but Blake doesn't get this info in time to stop VP Jarvis from being sworn in as Acting President.  Moreover, when Blake unaccountably confronts Acting Pres Jarvis on this one-on-one - rather than going to the Chief of Staff or the Cabinet - Jarvis fires Blake.  But all's not lost because -

Over in Sophia's camp, Michael has finally seen the light.  Rather than killing Simon (at Sophia's behest), Michael helps Simon escape, along with Leila and a compound that can save Martinez.  It looks as if Michael doesn't make it, and Leila is now in alien hands, but Simon gets away with the alien cure to the alien poison.

Will he get back to Washington with it in time?  This is not the only biological agent threatening the United States.  The Spanish flu is now here, too, despite Sean and Vicky's best efforts to stop it from getting to the U.S.  But in the reverse of what Simon does with the antidote to the President's poison, Sophia's agent manages to escape Sean and Vicky's clutches.   On the bright side of this story, Vicky refuses to risk sacrificing Sean's life to stop Sophia's agent.  Why?  Vicky clearly loves him.  (Kudos to Sean - I like Vicky much more than Leila.)

As I've been saying for a while now, The Event is providing some good entertainment here, with three excellent, now interweaving stories.   Good entertainment in a now post-bin-Laden world.

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