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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bones Season 6 Finale: Beautiful

Bones has concluded its sixth season, slow to get out of the gate (or slow after getting out of the gate) with three stellar episodes.  And tonight's season finale had some of the best elements of not only the season, but the entire series.

First, we had a laugh-out-loud funny Bones and Booth in costume as bowlers in pursuit of the killer.  Both were in fine form, and Emily Deschanel especially was hilarious as a white trash, gum-chewing bowling moll.   Add to that a great line by another bowler about Bones' bowling character Wanda talking like she watches "PBS on purpose" - you just can't take the Bones out of Wanda - and you have Bones fun at its best. 

Also worthy of note in the chuckles department tonight was a clip of Dwight Eisenhower showing up back at the Jeffersonian.   And it was fun to see Wendell virtually all alone and running the case in the lab tonight, as not only Bones and Booth but Angela and Hodgins had slightly more important business elsewhere.

Angela and Hodgins were having their baby.  The lead-up and birth were handled perfectly - again, with Bones' patented mix of profundity and humor - and the baby boy was adorable and in perfect condition, including his vision.  Happy endings are nice.

But the best came at the very end.  As I said last week, I was sure from Bones' expression with Angela that Bones had slept with Booth.   Bones' father - good to see on the show tonight - sees there's some kind of unusual good chemistry between them, too.   And the denouement is that Bones and Booth not only slept together, but Bones is pregnant with Booth's baby.   The expression on Bones' face at the end was, again, priceless - happiness and relief - and kudos again to Emily Deschanel for great acting (David Boreanaz was fine too!).   Given that the actress is pregnant - mazel tov! - this is a brilliant development in the Bones and Booth story in more ways than one.

I was going to say that I thought there should have been a least a little more reaction tonight to the loss of Mr. Nigel-Murray, but Bones knowing she's pregnancy suggests that a little time has passed - likely more than a week - since last week's episode, so it makes sense that no one would mention Nigel-Murray at this point.

Great co-writing tonight and show-running in general by Hart Hanson, Looking forward to the Fall!

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