Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Killing 1.6: The Teacher

Evidence increasingly points at Rosie's teacher - Bennett Ahmed - as Rosie's killer in The Killing 1.6, but the greatest tension comes from whether Rosie's father Stan will kill Bennett before Sarah can intercept their car.

This, in turn, suggests that Bennett may not be the killer - for if he was, that would rob Stan's possible killing of Bennett of the horrible irony of killing an innocent man.   But if not Bennett, who put Rosie in the trunk of that car?

A witness has seen a couple, likely Bennett and his wife, put a wrapped-up body in a car trunk.  But how reliable is this witness?  If we believe his report, that means, what?  That Bennett's pregnant wife attacked Rosie - out of jealousy? - and then she and Bennett put Rosie in the trunk?   If that's the case, then Bennett is still guilty of the crime.

I'm still guessing it's someone else - someone who has more to do with Richmond's campaign.   Richmond has just jeopardized his campaign, by refusing to throw Bennett to the wolves (he was part of an important Richmond community project), and insisting he's a still just a "person of interest," and is innocent until proven guilty.  Admirable, on Richmond's part, but is he standing by Bennett  because Richmond knows or thinks that someone else is the campaign is the real killer?

The thought games continue in this intelligent, different kind of police procedural.

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