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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bones 6.21: Sensitive Bones

An unusually sensitive, beautiful Bones 6.21 - one of the best shows this season - in which the corpse is a minor part, and Bones and the team devote most of their efforts to a thoroughly living person.

She's a teenager, who's deaf and cannot speak. She has the knife in her hand that killed the corpse, but nothing about this adds up. She refuses to respond to signing, though she clearly understands it, and Bones and Booth must figure out a way to get the truth by looking for physical evidence (Bones' specialty) and questioning (Booth's usual specialty).

Except Bones, drawn to this girl ("Jane Doe")  because Bones feels a kinship to her own painful childhood, takes up most of the questioning herself, with excellent assists from Sweets.   I should also mention that the girl's attorney, from child protective services - Grace Meacham played by Michelle L. Gardner - does a great, emotive job of signing to her client.

Sweets is also helpful to Booth in his questioning of the real villains in this story - the girl's adoptive parents.   (More on Sweets below.)  The team  discovers that "Jane" was kidnapped when she was three, and brilliant work by Bones, who uses isotopes in one of Jane's wisdom teeth to locate the place she spent the first three years of her life, reunites Jane with her real parents to end a thoroughly excellent, satisfying show.

But now let's get to the coming attractions.   They tell us we'll be given two surprises.  One shows Bones smiling in a certain way to Angela - close to a 100% indication, I would say, that she slept with Booth.

The other is the outright statement that we'll lose "one of our own"  presumably to sniper Brodsky who will be back.  But who?  Bones or Booth are impossible, and Angela or Hodgins would be just too cruel given their baby, close to being born.   Any one of the assistants would be too easy a loss. Bones' father is not quite "one of our own".

That leaves Cam or Sweets.   I'd feel bad if either goes, but if I had to guess, I'd say Cam - who's had a much less important role this season than in previous years, and less than Sweets.

5-min podcast review of Bones

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