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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Killing 1.10: Running out of Suspects

The Killing 1.10 was Belko's night - and Stan's sidekick, though he's not the best balanced person in the world, and indeed may have a taste for the perverted, is not Rosie's killer.  In a great scene with Belko questioned by good-cop Linden and bad-cop Holder, Belko's innocence at least in this matter becomes clear.

So who, then, are we left with as possibles for Rosie's killer?  Not Bennet, who was exonerated last week (but not before Stan beat him to a pulp - Stan confessed to that and is now in jail).  Presumably not any of the other students, who were looked at early in the series, and crossed off the suspect list.  Perhaps one of them deserves a second look, but at present, the only viable suspect is ...

Someone in Richmond's campaign, as I've been saying all along.  And last night we and Gwen and Jamie see a picture - discovered by a campaign worker - of Richmond greeting Rosie, much like Bill Clinton greeting Monica Lewinsky in that famous photo we've all seen a thousand times.  This is no proof, of course, that Richmond and Rosie were having an affair, but it certainly suggests that question, and puts Rosie being found in a Richmond campaign car in a different, potentially darker light.  And, in the last scene, we see Gwen looking again at that photo.

On the other hand, it's still a little hard to believe that Richmond, Gwen, or Jamie actually killed Rosie, even if Richmond was sleeping with her.   Further, the MO of The Killing has been to paint or suggest someone as a suspect one week, only to clear him the next week.

Only three episodes left for this season of The Killing.  I'll be raptly watching each of them.

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