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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NCIS 8.23: Answers and Questions

Here's what we apparently learned in NCIS 8.23 tonight:
  • The possessor of the blue eye, which was delivered to DiNozzo and which opened the MTAC door, is CIA agent Trent Kort.  He's still alive, kicking, and a player in the hunt for the port-to-port killer.
  • Who is - Navy Lieutenant Jonas Cobb, trained to be a CIA assassin - hence Kort's knowledge of him.   Kort tells Gibbs, Vance, and Mike Franks about Cobb in MTAC
  • And Mike Franks, called back to DC by Gibbs, is the death in the family.   He tangles with Cobb in front of Gibbs' home, wounds Cobb, but succumbs to Cobbs' knife.
Thoughts and analysis:

As traumatic as Franks' death is to Gibbs. and to the team, I don't think Franks' death is the one that's been hinted at, talked about all over the web, so fundamental that it changes the NCIS team.  The team is, after all, punched in the gut but still intact.   The great scene in the elevator, when DiNozzo, hugging Ziva, invites Abby and McGee, also hugging, to join them for a four-way hug, expresses this perfectly.

We leave EJ tonight on the verge of being Jonas' next victim - but her death, as much as it would affect DiNozzo, would also not shatter the team.

Which means, someone else, someone much more important to us and the team than Franks or EJ, may well die next week in the season finale.  I offered an unfounded guess in last week's review, but it was a feeling not a logical conclusion.   I still have that feeling - here's the review.

Other points:  Vance's antipathy to Gibbs may be due to Cort's supplying Gibbs with info about Vance.  But there seems to be yet more in this Vance vs. Gibbs season.    Also ... I think we should be ware of any info we learn from Kort ... who, after all, we have no reason to trust. 

That's why I said "apparently" learned in the first paragraph.

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