Monday, May 9, 2011

Death not Death in Fringe

Michael Ausiello lists Olivia in Fringe as a death already aired or broadcast in his May sweeps scorecard.  Really?

The excellent Season 3 finale of Fringe that I saw had Olivia killed in 2026 by Walternate all right, but, shortly after, Peter travels back to 2011, for the purpose of preventing that killing from ever happening, and, according to the Eternal Bald Observers, that worked (see my review of the finale).

So, is a death which can be undone - in this case, by time travel - really a death?   Is a death than can be reversed by any method really a death?  Let's say, in V, that Erica is shot dead at point blank range, but the Visitors bring her back to life.  Is what happened to her a "death"?

The reliable meanings of words are essential in all aspects of human life.   Some words are inherently ambiguous - love has different meanings to different people, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But death?

Death carries the narrative wallop that it does because we assume that it means permanently gone.   If it means less than that, that it is misleading to simply list it on a scorecard as a "death".

Jeff Pinkner, one of producers of Fringe, did a little better in his description of the finale than
Ausiello, saying that Olivia died "in the course of the episode".  This is at least technically true - she did - and it's more accurate that just a listing her as a dead on a scorecard.

The remedy for this: complex, superb stories such as Fringe require more sophisticated and less misleading treatments than simple listings on a scorecard.  Memo to Ausiello:  create a new category for such metaphysical complexities, or just use an asterisk to note the complication.

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