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Thursday, May 5, 2011

House 7.20: Cuddy's Mother as Catalyst

House and Cuddy bend ever so slightly back towards each other in House 7.20, which was good to see.  The catalyst is Cuddy's mother, who's threatening to sue the hospital and all concerned over the successful, typically breaking-the-rules treatment that House gave her.

Cuddy needs House in her response to her mother.  House of course refuses to help, in the end agrees to help, but Arlene - Cuddy's mother - is of course not mollified.  But that's because the real reason she's doing this is to get Cuddy and House back together.   The reaction on Cuddy's face, as she hugs her mother, is significant:  on some level, Cuddy may not be averse to she and House re-uniting.

Meanwhile, the team gets a good workout.  Chase convinces a doubtful Foreman that Chase is practicing abstinence these days, but there's a nice last scene with Chase in bed with a hot nurse - the one whom Chase seemed to have spurned, after Foreman put her up to seducing Chase.   Thirteen is also back and doing what she does - challenging House with a cynicism sometimes greater than his, which gets House to express a rare bit of his humanity,

The medical story is also good - a lottery winner who's not so lucky with his health, but who's real story is finding the woman he loved and met ever so briefly a long time ago.  This season of House hasn't been as strong as previous ones, but episode 7.20 may be setting up the season for a powerful ending.

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