Monday, May 2, 2011

A Victory for Decent Humanity

The news of Bin Laden's killing by an American special forces unit has brought out people in the streets, in New York City and Washington, DC.   As well it should - the news is a victory for decent humanity.

Hitler's death was announced on May 1, 1945.  And Bin Laden's will go down in history as another reason to celebrate May 1.

Bin Laden's death can't bring back all the victims of his terror in New York City, Washington, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, and in so many other places on other horrible days around the world.   But his death goes a long way in registering justice for the deaths of all of those good people, in whatever scale exists for that in the cosmos.

George W. Bush deserves credit for having tried his best.  Barack Obama deserves credit for having tried his best and succeeded.   Whether Republicans or Democrats, we're all Americans, and all part of the larger tribe of civilized humanity.

Thanks to the brave, savvy work of our American special forces, we've won a very big round.
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