Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Borgias 1.6: Beds, Leg, Cannon

The Borgias are doing pretty well in bed in episode 1.6.

Let's see ...  Lucrezia's happily in bed with her handsome stable hand.  And her husband, unaware that she was responsible for the "accident" with the horse that keeps him out of her bed, is deeply appreciative now of her kindness.  A great example of Borgia manipulation.

Cesare's finally in bed with the blond beauty wife of the arrogant nobleman he killed.  She'll soon find out and retire out of guilt to a nunnery, but, in the meantime, this is the best that Cesare's ever had it.

Juan has some passionate sex before and after his younger brother - a boy - marries the lady at hand in Naples - Juan has some passionate sex with that very lady.   And the boy, Gioffre, even looks like he'll be getting some, too.  Nothing, not even age, is an impediment to sex when it comes to those Borgias.

Rodrigo's having a good time of it too, giving his mistress and us a little lesson in geography and politics on her naked leg, in bed.   Rome is her knee, Naples is the calf to the south, and way up north, a bit over, lays sweet France.

But France is more likely a source of death than love for the Borgias and their power at this point.  Della Rovere has forged an alliance with King Charles of France, and King Charles has cannon - the weapon of mass destruction of its time, able to bring down the previous, often impregnable defense of the high, well-manned castle wall.   Eventually, the double-walled, moat-in-the-middle defense would limit the effect of the cannon.  But at this moment in history, the Borgias will need all the cunning and political alliances they can muster to beat back the oncoming French assault.

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