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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Event Ends on NBC

Back from Barcelona, with a delayed review of The Event finale, which I just saw.   As I've been saying for weeks now, the series has been getting better and better, and the finale was the best yet.  More's the pity that NBC, in a typical feat of numbskulledness, has not renewed it.

The resolution of the deadly virus threat - the souped-up Spanish flu, with which Sophia was hoping to do away with our species, to make room for hers - was top-notch.  Two of three prongs of the attack stopped by commandos ordered by the not-yet-reinstated President Martinez, the third stopped by a combination for the 4-person team (Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon) and Martinez, now back in his rightful office.  But-

First, how did Martinez get back in power?  I guessed it - he tape recorded the VP confessing in what the VP thought was a private conversation.  Yeah, I guess it, but it will still good to see.

Now back to the "but".  Sophia says her plan to unleash the deadly virus was "an act of mercy".  The arrival of the aliens will spell worse, more painful, destruction for us.

It's not clear just why, but the nature of the arrival, which we do see, holds a clue: the arrival is not in star ship but the actual alien planet, which will undoubtedly have a destructive effect on the Earth, and is already beginning to have an impact with quakes all over the world.  Of course, our world cannot be completely destroyed, because it still has to make some kind of home for the aliens.

Two other developments:  Leila's pregnant with Sean's baby (obvious - but it would be interesting to see a quarter alien - have there been others?). And the President's wife is an alien (which was clear in the expression on her face when she refused to have her DNA tested, and explained to Martinez that she was sensitive about the government looking too carefully at origins of people, because her parents came from a different island in Caribbean than advertised).   Turns out she came from a different island all right, but one way out in space.

And so The Event ends on NBC.  Not the most original show in the world, as I've indicated in this review.   But a good show nonetheless, which I hope is picked up by another station, with the smarts to give it a second season or more.

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