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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Killing 1.8: The Teacher, Again

Episode 1.8 of The Killing slyly put Rosie's teacher - Bennett Ahmed - back in our focus as a suspect, but not for the reasons we thought he might have been guilty earlier in the series.  It's pretty clear he didn't attack Rosie sexually, but what if Rosie was killed because she stumbled upon a terrorist operation that Ahmed was a part of?   That's the flavor of the week, in any case, and it's a measure of how good The Killing is that it has so many flavors.

Meanwhile, it was good to see Sarah finally begin to get over her differences with Holder, who, although odd, seems to be a good guy.   Sarah vs the FBI and her boss was a little trite, though - the local cop vs. FBI gambit has been over-exploited in American crime dramas on television.  But, getting back to the good in this episode, I was glad to see Sarah move further away from her fiance - she'd be better off with someone else, and in her job in Seattle.

The story of what Rosie's murder has done to her family continues to be wrenching, and more realistic and sensitive than anything else on television on this point.  Mitch endangers the boys when she leaves them in the idling car in the garage - completely understandable that she would be distracted when she steps back into the house by previously unreleased pictures of the murder scene.  And Stan's reaction, later, is right on key, and is Mitch's sister's.

So now the pendulum may be swinging back to the teacher, away from Stan's associate, who was looking better for the murder (strange to say anything is "better" regarding a suspect for a murder) in the past weeks.  But I've still a got a feeling the killer has more to do with the Richmond campaign ...

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