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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Event: Penultimate

So word came down from NBC a few days ago that this first season of The Event would be its last, which is too bad, because, as I've been saying, the story's been getting much better.   And this also makes it difficult to review this episode with any sense of wonder about where things will be going for these characters in any kind of future.  On the other hand, if Plato or some kind of related Platonic view is right that all stories exist somewhere, in a realm somewhat beyond human comprehension, but still amenable to human perception, then I can review this next-to-last episode with that in mind....

(How's that for a preface?)

The big reveal tonight in episode 1.21 is that Sophia's aliens were here first.   That's actually a good reveal for a continuing story that tells us why then they left Earth in the first place, whether some aliens stayed here and are actually some of us, etc.  About all we can fathom, at this point, is that Demsey had something to do with this.

Meanwhile, the story is tightening on both sides - the aliens are proceeding with their nefarious plan to kill we humans with a souped-up neo-Spanish flu, but we're winning some rounds on the White House front.

Let's look at that first.  President Martinez, injected last week with the reversal serum by his wife, is recovered to the point that he can leave the hospital - against doctor's orders - and confront the treacherous Jarvis.   It's an excellent confrontation, in which Jarvis, weak but not without resources, reminds Martinez that Jarvis is still President, and only the cabinet can deem Martinez fit enough to resume office.

Sophia's aliens are well into setting up three distribution points for the neo-Spanish-flu in the U.S.  One good break for us, though, is that Leila, now infected, and the alien Dr. Mengele - actually, a woman in this story - are located in a place that Simon, Blake, Vicki, and Sean, now working together, are able to reach.   They get a little information from the doc, but will it be in time?   And although it seems that Leila is doomed, even that's not certain, because she's a hybrid, and, in principle, anything is possible where hybrids are concerned.

As I've been pointing out, this is a fine 24-like show, which deserves more time.  As it is, I'll look forward to next week.

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