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Monday, May 9, 2011

Treme 2.3: Crime and Music

Well, it's been clear, and I've been mentioning in previous reviews, that crime is rearing its ugly head much higher in this season of Treme than in last season.   In Treme 2.3, the worst crime we've seen so far dominated the episode,  as Ladonna is raped, robbed, and badly beaten.

It's not clear what Ladonna remembers, but the medical examination confirms the rape.  She has not yet told her husband - or anyone - and it's also not clear whether she's taking the "Plan B" (morning after) pills she's given in the hospital, in case she's now pregnant.

Ladonna did put in a call to the police, when she was first approached by a suspicious character as she was locking up her bar.   The cops, at very least, certainly did not respond with alacrity.   What will Lt. Colson do when he finds about this insufficient police response?  Presumably he'll be livid, and launch some kind of investigation, as indeed he should.   Sooner or later, there'll be at least three people hunting Ladonna's attackers:  Colson, Antoine, Ladonna's husband ... and likely Toni, too.

In other difficult but happier stories, it's good to see Janette back in New Orleans.   But her house has been looted and trashed - more crime - and she's having no easy time of it with the officials (that's because she came in without an appointment, but even so).

Musically, it's great to see Antoine progressing with his band, and the hilarious banter around his feeling that they're missing a beat.   It's soon realized that what the band is really missing is a guitar, and it's good to see Sonny on his way to filling that position.

And my favorite music in Treme 2.3 is Louis Armstrong's "Mack the Knife" - hey, the Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht song has always been one of my all-time favorites, ever since I heard Bobby Darin's hit version in 1959.   Darin's was a #1 song, Satchmo's only got to #20, but it was released 3 years earlier, giving it a little precedence.  (Good to see Steve Earle out on the streets, too, in another number.)

And here's a taste of Louis Armstrong's Mack the Knife ...

5-min podcast review of Treme

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