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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Killing 1.9: The Teacher as Victim, Again

Back from Barcelona with a late but appreciative review of The Killing 1.9, which I just saw.

One way of looking at this whole quietly riveting series is that it's the story of Rosie's teacher.  He starts out looking like a dedicated teacher, then as possibly Rosie's killer, then as a victim of Stan's wrath just as evidence suggests Bennet's not the killer, then again as Rosie's killer as new evidence comes to light, and last (for now) as a victim, as Stan and his sidekick go after Bennet, just as Linden and Holden find out that Bennet's suspicious behavior was actually heroic, on behalf of another girl.

The last scene has Stan and sidekick beating Bennet to a pulp - beating a truly dedicated teacher to within an inch of his life.  I'm hoping, at least, that that's where it stops, because, well, Bennet is an admirable character.

But who, then, is the best bet for the real killer?   Stan's man apparently has a hankering for young girls - we see him looking at a little girl on a tricycle - but this doesn't quite prove, as yet, that he killed Rosie.

I'm still guessing/betting, as I have all along, that the killer resides in the Richmond campaign.  Not likely Richmond himself (though still a possibility) but someone wanting to make him and/or his campaign look bad.

We should see soon.  Just a few episodes left in one of the most thoughtful, original cop shows on television.

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