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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sources of Support in New Hampshire from Gun Owners

MSNBC reported the following biggest sources of votes for Bernie Sanders in his victory in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary over Hillary Clinton:

The third line - "gun owner" - should stick out like a saw thumb for anyone interested in a better, safer America - a country not riven by bullets in big cities, school, and sometimes even fired by police officers against innocent people, all too often African-African.

This is - or certainly should be - the key reason for Democrats in other states, and independents, too, to vote for Hillary not Bernie.   Bullets that kill people and destroy the lives of their families are surely a more important issue than what Hillary said in her speeches to Wall Street.

As I've said before, I actually agree with Bernie on some important issues - including his call to abolish capital punishment and establish higher public education for all.  But these issues also pale in comparison to the death daily meted out by guns gone wild in America.

I hope the Clinton campaign moves this issue to the front of its discussion points in upcoming primaries, especially in South Carolina, which has suffered so tragically in the past year from the gun epidemic.

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