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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.6: Sneak Preview Review

Herewith a preview review of the next episode of Downton Abbey - 6.6 - to air on PBS next Sunday. It was enjoyable, as always, but not the strongest episode in this final season so far.  In what follows, I'll talk in generalities, and mention no specific people.  But if you prefer not to get even an inkling of what will be on the screen this Sunday, read on no further.

The health crisis Episode 6.5 of Downton Abbey is apparently resolved, with no loss of life, in Episode 6.6.  That's good to see, though the person in question is not completely out of the woods just yet.

The other health crisis - not about a character but the administration of the hospital itself - is also resolved, to the major satisfaction of one of our major characters, and the just-as-intense dissatisfaction of another.  In fact, this second character is so upset with this outcome that she refuses to speak to the first.

And there's yet another health issue, apparently resolved again, for another one of the characters.   But, given her situation, we still have another set of months to go before everyone can rest easy.

There's also some frivolity in the situation of the newly married couple - or rather, one is being a little imperious, and this provides some good comic relief for the audience.

But there is one serious development for one of the characters.  It's been brewing all season, and hasn't yet come to the boil, but the episode ends with this character not at all happy.

And I'll see you all here next week, when I'll happily share another sneak preview review.

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