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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Black Sails 3.5: Alliance

Black Sails 3.5, just on Starz, was predictable but very satisfying to see in the slow coalescence of a grand alliance of pirates and slaves against the British.

When Flint talks to the queen of the slave island (refreshingly even more powerful than her husband) about what could be, and how that could not only result in a free, autonomous Nassau, but maybe begin to unravel the entire British Empire, he was getting at what we know as the American Revolution.   True, we weren't pirates, but we - the 13 colonies - did join together to break free of England, with the result that the British Empire eventually crumbled during the ensuing centuries.

There has been this democratic element in Black Sails from the beginning, this glow of democracy amidst the greed for gold and bounty.   I have no idea to what extent the real pirates of history really plied this revolutionary path, but it's fun to see in this historical drama.

Meanwhile, it's also good to see Eleanor come close to sleeping with a receptive Rogers, which didn't happen only because the Spanish spy bursts in with a true confession.   Again, not paying attention to actual history, we can speculate on what could now happen between Eleanor and Rogers.   They'd made a formidable couple.

But could they and the English forces at their command, plus Hornigold and the pardoned pirates, withstand an attack from the new alliance of Fint and the slaves, an alliance now in pursuit of Vane and all he could being to the new alliance?  We'll just have to see - including what role Teach ultimately plays and whether Eleanor ultimately stays with Rogers or reverts back to what may well be her deeper love.

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