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Monday, February 22, 2016

Colony 1.6: The Provost

A really top-notch Colony this past Thursday - episode 1.6 - in fact the best since the debut of the series, and one which finally begins fleshing out some much needed details.

Proxy Snyder, under Will and Katie's protection as the Resistance is closing in on them, divulges all sorts of information, including the number of colonies on the West Coast, how the territory between the colonies is someplace "you don't want to be," and how he knows nothing else about anything beyond this West Coast.  (This last part may or may not be true.)

Snyder says that he met the alien conquerers, but says nothing else about them, because the conversation is interrupted.   This is something of a cheap narrative trick, but it's still good to know that at least someone has seen the aliens, because that means we have a chance of sooner or later seeing them ourselves (assuming, again, that Snyder isn't lying).

But in some ways my favorite part of this whole interrupted conversation is Snyder's revelation that he was Provost at Stanford University before the aliens arrived.  I just love this.  Often professors are seen as bad guys on television - which annoys me, since I'm a professor, and, as far as I can tell, I'm a good guy - but I can't recall the last time a university administrator was featured, and aptly cast as a bad guy, at least for the most part.  I have no objection at all to that casting.

Meanwhile, it's a great episode for Katie, who kills one of the resisters, to save Will, which makes perfect sense, but now leaves her branded as a double-agent by Quayle (and I've been meaning to say that it's good to see Paul Guilfoyle back on the screen after his many years on CSI).

I'll be watching Colony more enthusiastically than ever from now on.

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