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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vikings 4.1: I'll Still Take Paris

Hey, Vikings was back for its fourth season on the History Channel this Thursday with a colorful, bloody, and rollicking episode.

There are now three theaters of action in this story:  Scandinavia, England with Ecbert, and Paris with Rollo.   Paris is still my favorite.   Rollo's marriage to the French princess is good for everyone, on both sides of the television screen.   Most important, it jump starts Rollo ahead of his brother Ragnar, in terms of being able to draw in the power of established civilization.  Our Vikings were always outsiders in England.   Rollo's on the inside in Paris, and his slaughter of his brethen who don't like this makes perfect sense from Rollo's perspective, heartless as it may be.

Back in Scandinavia, Aslaugh's thinly hidden regret at Ragnar's survival makes sense, too.   But it's not clear how long Ragnar, who clearly is picking this up, will allow it to continue.   Ragnar's survival as unquestioned leader of his people has always been at the heart of his decisions, and he won't tolerate even the hint of disloyalty from Aslaugh for long.

Floki chained to the post is another matter.   Ragnar is right to be angry at Bjorn for doing this, not only because Ragnar does not want Bjorn to prove himself a powerful leader at Ragnar's expense, but because Ragnar does not want to kill Floki, however much a part of him may want Floki permanently out of his hair and hate Floki for killing Athelstan.  But a part of Ragnar is still forever tied to Floki, aware that his prowess and vision as a shipbuilder enabled Ragnar to get going in the first place. My prediction: Ragnar will find a way, some pretext for sparing Floki.

The scenery in all places is verdant and breathtaking, as always in this wonderful series.   It's become one of my all-time favorite historical dramas on television, right up there with Rome and The Tudors. The Vikings are still at just the beginning of their journeys - America hasn't been discovered as yet - and I'm looking forward to voyages and battles on all levels ahead.

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