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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.7: Sneak Preview Review

Herewith a preview review of the next episode of Downton Abbey - 6.7, the next-to-last episode of the series! - to air on PBS next Sunday. It was a strong, possibly pivotal episode.  In what follows, I'll talk in generalities, and mention no specific people.  But if you prefer not to get even an inkling of what will be on the screen next Sunday, read on no further.

I'll start right out by saying there's a death in this episode, and one which has considerable impact on one of our characters.  Whether this impact is lasting or final remains to be seen.

Another one of our major characters suddenly decides to go abroad.  Whether this will be the last we'll see of this character in the series also remains to be seen.

The two health crises are apparently both under control.  With only one episode left, I think we're in pretty good shape, but you never know.

On the romance side, we have two de facto proposals of marriage, but only one looks good to go. Meanwhile, speaking of marriages, the big one this season is proceeding with good humor.

There is one character who is being increasingly left out in the cold.  I hope this is not building up to something bad happening with this character.  Sentimentalist that I am, I rooting for everyone at this point to survive and thrive.

And I'll be back here next week with a sneak preview review of the final episode of Downton Abbey.

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