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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.8: Sneak Preview Review

The last episode of the regular final season of Downton Abbey - 6.8 - will be on tonight.  In two weeks we'll have the final episode of the series - shown as the Christmas special in England. Herewith a preview review of 6.8.  It was a brilliant, powerful, heart-wrenching, and deeply satisfying episode. In what follows, I'll talk in generalities, and mention no specific people.  But if you prefer not to get even an inkling of what will be on the screen later tonight, read on no further.

Here are the highlights -

1. There is a very close call with death for one of the characters.

2. A missing character returns at a crucial time.

3. There have been two possible, budding true-love relationships we've seen in the series this season so far.  But the course of true love never did run smooth, especially not on Downton Abbey, and only one of these will lead to marriage in this episode.   The other founders.

That double whammy is at heart of this last episode of the regular season.  Its unfolding brings out some of the best dialogue that we've ever seen in the Crawley household.  These conversations lay bare tensions and antagonisms that have been simmering even seething below the surface throughout the series, and at times will take your breath away.

And I'll be back here week after next, not with a sneak preview review, but a detailed review of the final episode of Downton Abbey after it has aired.

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