Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Showtime's Sassy Hour of Sin

Showtime debuted its Monday night hour of sin last night - Season 4 of Weeds, and the brand new Secret Diary of A Call Girl - and it wasn't bad. Actually, it was bad in a good way. Anyway, I enjoyed both half hours.

Nancy and family are getting situated by the beach in a whole new area of California, in Judah's father's house (well played by Albert Brooks). Lots of good lines from all members of the family, especially brother-in-law Andy, as always.

Meanwhile, back in what's left of fire-ravaged Agrestic, Celia is pointing the finger at Nancy as drug lady - as she did at the end of last season - but Doug and her husband and the hilarious Indian gay guy are all telling the police otherwise, to wit, that Celia is behind it all.

A good set-up for this season.

Meanwhile, Secret Diary of A Call Girl is sassy, smart, funny, and real. Billie Piper (see the video below) is thoroughly appealing as Belle (the call-girl) / Hannah (her real-life name), giving good voice-over narration in the episode, as well as whatever her customers want, as soon as possible (as she informs us), if she is able to wheedle the deepest desires out of them.

There's even a nice character insight in the premier episode, when Belle realizes that what a customer (whom she likes) most likes about her are her Hannah's qualities - not good for someone in Belle's business.

Looking forward to more Weeds and wheedle in the weeks ahead ...

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