Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's Gracious, Inspiring Speech; Hillary Clinton Should Have Endorsed Him Tonight

Barack Obama gave a masterful speech tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now, at last, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Obama was gracious, inspiring, and powerful in contrasting the differences between his candidacy and John McCain's.

Universal health care, a military policy that goes after real not concocted threats to America, a political process that brings in young Americans - these are just a few of the many crucial differences between Obama and McCain.

This was a great evening for America, and its position in the world. No other Western nation has ever had a person of African descent as President or Prime Minister. The candidacy of Obama, based just on who he is, makes a revolutionary statement to the world. This would be the case even if his policies were not as sensible as they are.

Obama was also and especially gracious to Hillary Clinton. She ran a superb campaign, which also inspired millions of voters. I think she would make a great Vice Presidential candidate.

But I was disappointed that she did not endorse Obama tonight. She came in second, not first. Nothing can change that (even though, yes, technically, no delegate is required by law to vote for any particular candidate). I would have liked to have seen her acknowledge that, and give a dynamic speech supporting Obama, rather than saying she needed to hear from her supporters before deciding what to do.

But there's still time for that.

In the meantime, Americans can celebrate one of the most enlightened and inspiring nights in its history. I expect it will be just the beginning of a great Obama Presidency and the end of the benighted Republican party.
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