Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama Gives Powerhouse Economic Address in North Carolina

Barack Obama just gave a powerhouse speech on economic policy in North Carolina. The highlights of what he called for include:

-a windfall profit tax, to pay for some of the rest of his economic program (makes sense: billionaires will still be billionaires, even if they pay twice as much tax as currently, and huge corporations will still be huge)

-a new thousand dollar tax rebate for more than 90% of American wage earners, to give some immediate help with soaring gas and food costs

-universal health care, and partnering with Elizabeth Edwards to fine tune it

Obama also contrasted his program with John McCain's, which offers no catastrophic health insurance, makes it easier not more difficult for insurance companies to deny coverage, takes no position on what to about the current housing crisis, and now, incredibly, endorses Bush's tax policy of giving the most wealthy even more money (after McCain initially and wisely opposed it).

North Carolina hasn't gone Democratic in a Presidential election since Jimmy Carter won the state in 1976. Obama's decision to begin his economic tour in North Carolina signals that the general election results could well be different in this state, this year.

Given the dire economic conditions of Americans all across the country, and the eminent common sense of Obama's solutions - not to mention the continuing casualties in Iraq - I'm thinking it's by no means impossible that election results could well go Democratic in every state of the union this November.

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