Friday, June 27, 2008

Five Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Barack Obama's VP

I saw Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on television today in Unity, New Hampshire. I think more than ever that Hillary Clinton would make a great VP candidate for Obama. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. What Obama said in Unity today about he and Hillary both being revolutionary breakthroughs in American politics is completely true. Why not have both - the first African-American President, the first woman Vice President - in office next year.

2. I believe Obama will win by a big margin whomever his VP. But Hillary's passion and power as a campaigner on the ticket can make a big win into a victory of truly landslide proportions. Since I'd like to see the Republican party as it currently is demolished - as in, beaten to the point where it can never recover - I'm in favor of any Democratic ticket that can result in a landslide win.

3. The idea that Hillary Clinton as VP can somehow undermine Obama's program - his commitment to change - is nonsense. Not only because their views and proposals agree in so many respects, but because, let's face it, the Vice President only has as much power as the President allows. It's as simple as that. There's nothing to worry about.

4. Along the same lines, the suggestion that with Hillary Clinton as VP, Obama will need a food taster, is unfounded paranoid nonsense.

5. However much some or many of Obama's supporters (not I) may dislike Hillary Clinton, it is an absolute fact that she battled to almost a tie with Obama in the Democratic primaries. This is a powerful democratic ethical imperative to be on the ticket as VP.

So ... there you have it. What I have missed? With what, if any, of the above do you disagree?

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