Friday, June 6, 2008

Battlestar Galactica 4.9: Finally, Bill and Laura

I haven't had chance to review Battlestar Galactica for a few weeks - too many other pleasures, too many other obligations - but tonight's was so good, especially the ending, that I can't resist...

The ending, in fact, was better than good. It will go down as one of the classic romantic scenes in all of television, cinema, and novels.

Bill Adama has resigned his command of Galactica - given it to Tigh - and gone looking for Laura. She's not easy to find. She's on the Cylon ship with the Hybrid, who is literally jumpy and ordering of jumps, because she knows the lead Six is dead or unconscious (Sharon-Athena did this to her on Galactica, because she didn't want Six taking her hybrid child)...

All of that and more - including a great scene between Tigh and Adama - happened on previous episodes. Tonight, at the end, Bill finds Laura. "Missed you," he says to her. "Did you," she replies. They hug. "I love you," Laura tells him. "About time," Adama replies. And there was one of the most satisfying scenes in this or any series or movie. Call me an old softie romantic, but there you have it. You'll agree when you see it.

Meanwhile ... The Resurrection Ship has been nuked. Cylons are now as mortal as humans. That's good, as a Sharon model tells D'anna, who has just been resurrected. It's good, because now Cylons are ever more like humans.

D'anna definitely has another human quality - she fakes Laura out, has her (but not really us - it's too soon) going for a second when she tells Laura that she (Laura) is one of the Final Five. But, apparently not, and we'll have to wait for the revelation of that, as the Cylons and humans draw ever closer...

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