Saturday, June 7, 2008

Questions for John McCain about WMD Deceptions

As is well known, the Senate Select Committee last week issued a long-awaited report which found that President Bush and VP Cheney exaggerated and misrepresented intelligence information about WMD in Iraq, to fire up America's war on Iraq.

Some commentators have called for Bush and Cheney's impeachment.

That would indeed be justified - not only because of the deception, but the fundamental unconstitutionality of an undeclared war - but I'm wondering what John McCain's response is to all of this.

He says he opposes the way the war was waged, at first.

Does he also oppose the way the war was gotten into, via a President and Vice President deliberately misrepresenting facts to the American people?

Would McCain be in favor of Bush and Cheney's impeachment? If not, why not? Is it ok in his book to go to war based on lies?

The media should press McCain on this point.
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