Monday, June 25, 2007

Meadowlands: Episode 2

Meadowlands is clearly a dangerous place - everyone who is there, unless they're there with a family member who is there, is there for a reason. In case anyone doubted that, we see it played in scalding violence in Episode 2...

Jack the handyman is attracted to Zoe, who enjoys and invites his attention. Jack's played by Tom Hardy. To give you an idea of the mix of sensitivity and brutality he projects, think of Mickey Rourke with Harry Connick, Jr and even a little young Humphrey Bogart thrown in. (I know, that might seem like a stretch, but it's there.) So Jack comes over to the Brogan's house to see Zoe, but finds her brother Mark instead, dressed as Zoe ... Jack soon realizes this, but is excited by the situation nonetheless - he feeds on fright - and tries to rape Mark-

At which point Danny comes home, pulls Jack off Mark, punches Jack and- Jack is dead.

And to make matters worse, if that's possible - but making things worse may be the intriguing hallmark of Meadowlands - a mysterious man with a blue cap, whom we've glimpsed before, stands in the doorway and thanks Danny for taking care of his job for him...

Meadowlands is place teeming with danger. But at least Mark is talking now...

Excellent acting and set design and production all around. In addition to Hardy, especially fine performances by Harry Treadaway (Mark) and David Morrissey (Danny) in that crucial scene.

Showtime's MeadowlandsBut I think my favorite scene is the opening of every episode, with the four Brogans, backs to the camera, walking to their new home. Kudos, especially, to Mrs. Brogan - Evelyn, played by Lucy Cohu - who walks best, with a shiny stud on each cheek of her black jeans, and the music keeping beat...

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