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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Sopranos: Eighth of Nine ... Will Tony Survive Next Week?

Tony lost Melfi, Bobby, and likely Silvio in this next to last episode.

He took these losses (that is, Bobby and Silvio) because Phil was able to strike first, despite the heads up Tony got from his FBI informant (an interesting reversal of roles – the FBI guy informing Tony).

Mistaken identity plagues law enforcement all the time – wrong people arrested, wrong people convicted. Tonight it took its toll on Tony’s crew – they killed some white haired guy who looked like Phil.

Melfi leaving Tony was no great loss for Tony – it was never clear to me what good she did him, anyway.

Will Silvio pull through? Paulie tells Tony the docs say Silvio won’t likely recover consciousness. But docs have been wrong before, especially on television. (And good for Patsy for at least firing back at Phil’s gunmen – that no doubt stopped them from killing Sil outright).

And Tony?

I’m going to make my prediction now … and say he’s going to survive next week.

Why? (Other than that’s what I want?)

Phil’s lost the element of surprise now. Tony is ready for him. Barring some treachery from Paulie or one of the other guys close to Tony, he’s not likely to be caught off-guard.

There’s an old saying I once saw somewhere: if you can survive a hit, you’re stronger for it than if you hadn’t been hit at all.

I’ve seen no spoilers, I could be wrong, but I think we’ll see Tony standing at the end of next week’s finale of finales…

(I'm not as confident, though, about Tony's family ... I don't have much faith in Phil's adhering to the tradition of not taking out family members.)

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