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Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome PaulLevinson.net readers...

A welcome to all of my PaulLevinson.net readers, and to anyone who clicked on a link that said PaulLevinson.net etc but brought you here, to InfiniteRegress.tv ...

From now on - actually, as of yesterday - all of my writings about politics, television, and whatever made you jump for joy or shake your fists in fury over at PaulLevinson.net will be here.

I'm in the process of bringing them all over to InfiniteRegress.tv - for example, I brought my infamous "How I Went Face-to-Screen with Jack Thompson" over here yesterday - and this process may take a few weeks. The best way to find a post that you may be looking for is to check the Labels section, in the right-hand column, under the InfiniteRegress.tv logo. You'll see the entry on Jack Thompsom, for example, there right now.

For those of you may have put links to specific posts of mine on PaulLevinson.net - if you don't see the post already here, just let me know (either in a comment to this post, or by e-mail to me), and I'll put that post up here right away, and send you the URL.

For those of you new to InfiniteRegress.tv - it's been primarily about television, with reviews of shows often minutes after they've aired, with the occasional political piece, usually about a televised Presidential debate. This will continue, with a bit more politics, as per what I was doing on PaulLevinson.net. But the truth is my primary perspective on politics is as a media theorist, anyway, so television usually plays a role about I have to say about this or that candidate or issue.

For those of you who are already readers of InfiniteRegress.tv - thank you! - you'll find a little more political content here, including First Amendment and FCC issues. But those will usually be about television, too.

Many of the links you saw on PaulLevinson.net - my books, my podcasts - are already here.

Great to have all of you here!
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