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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Battle of Videos: Hillary Clinton and The Sopranos! v. Obama Girl

We're moving into a new political realm - the battle of the YouTube videos. Last week everyone was talking about Obama Girl. Now it's Hillary and The Sopranos. In the 50-year history of political ads on television - beginning with the "I Like Ike" cartoon commercials in the 1952 election, which helped Ike win by a landslide - these new parody videos are an important leap forward in humanizing the candidates.

Hillary's hilarious video is from Hillary Clinton's campaign - Hillary and Bill doing Tony and Carmela in that last-scene diner - replete with guy and boyscouts at table, happy teenage couple, two African-American dudes ... and ... that insidious guy at the counter, who gets up, walks by Hillary and Bill's table, and gives them a dirty look - played by Johnny Sack (aka Vincent Curatola)!

Hey, this video is so funny, Hillary deserves some votes just for doing it! All in the great tradition of Vaughn Meader's The First Family parody album of the Kennedy family from the 1960s.

And it also replaced Obama Girl as the most talked-about political video on tv tonight.

Even Bill O'Reilly had to grudgingly admit, on his show, that he liked it....

And here's "I Got A Crush ... On Obama" ... by Obama Girl - made by the same people who did "My Box in a Box," the funny answer-video to the fall-down laughing "My Dick In A Box" from Saturday Night Live.

You gotta love this, too... Great lyric, great body...

So, Al Gore has a movie, Obama and Hillary have videos... I can't wait to see what's next...

Here's what next (added 17 July 2007): New Video: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl!

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