Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Night Sky

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There's nothing like the night sky. When the sun recedes, a universe is revealed. We go from binoculars to telescopes. It's only at night that we can truly get a glimpse of who really are, and where we stand in this cosmos ... an intelligence looking up and out at a vast realm of stars, and possibilities.

The night sky has no doubt fascinated us throughout the ages, inspiring poets and astronomers, painters and anyone interested in the music of the spheres.

But how do we know what we're looking at? So many stars in the sky. Who knows their names, their distance from Earth?

Astronomers know. But we're not likely to have an astronomer at our shoulder when we look at the stars. Meade MySky is an answer - a multi-media guide, a personal planetarium, that instanly identifies over 30,000 celestial objects.

The future of our species is in the stars. It's good to know what we're looking at, when we look at our future...
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