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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sopranos podcasts!

released in 2014: The Sopranos: The Complete SeriesFor your listening pleasure ... Sopranos podcasts ... reviews of each of the final nine episodes ... plus, additional podcasts about some of the hot issues we've been discussing in this blog ... The Sopranos, or The Tiger ... The Closure Junkies ... The Sopranos and Hamlet ... and more ...

Most of the reviews were recorded just a few minutes after the end of the episode ... the podcasts about the meaning and reception of the finale were recorded in the last few days, and I'll continue to record and post new podcasts in this Sopranos series in the weeks ahead ...

The following is a 53-minute compilation of each of the nine original podcasts (each about 3-5 minutes long), plus the three additional podcasts with my thoughts on the finale.

All free ... enjoy...

see also  The Sopranos as a Nuts-and-Bolts Triumph of Non-Network TV my 2002 article

written reviews of the first eight episodes this final season: The Sopranos: First of Nine, Second of Nine, Third of Nine, Fourth of Nine, Fifth of Nine, Sixth of Nine, Seventh of Nine, Eighth of Nine, Ninth of Nine and  The Sopranos and Hamlet ...  The Sopranos and the Closure-Junkies ... The Sopranos, or the Tiger?

plus ... see the Hillary-Sopranos and Obama Girl videos - which do you like better?

And my 90-minute interview with Dominic Chianese

And coming in Summer 2011: The Essential Sopranos Reader  (University of Kentucky Press) ... papers and essays from the May 2008 Sopranos Symposium at Fordham University

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