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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sopranos: Ninth of Final Nine: The Anti-Ending Ending

Well, I'm still trying to come to terms with the ending of The Sopranos - in which, on the one hand, nothing happened, life goes on - but, on the other hand, maybe that's the most powerful ending of all.

All predictions of deaths - except Phil's, which was the easiest - were defied. Tony and his family and all of his guys live on. Even Sil, who, though still in a coma, did not die, yet, either.

Tony will likely go to trial. That's not good news. But as his lawyer, Neil, says, trials are made to win.

Junior is definitely senile, Meadow's going to become a lawyer, and A.J. may get his club in the end, after all. Nothing's changed.

Is this David Chase's way of pulling out the one kind of ending that was not predictable - that life just goes on?

Perhaps. But there's also this: After last week, and Bobby's death, and Sil's shooting, and Tony so close to the edge, we the audience can never relax, again.

Even with Phil dead, we wonder, how can Tony just sit there in the ice-cream parlour with Carmela and AJ? Will Meadow's coming in late have some sort of meaning - will she just miss the murder of her father, maybe her whole family, that will take place just a few seconds after the final scene cut to black?

Who, after all, was that guy who went into the bathroom ... was he carrying a gun?

The point may be that Chase has finally succeeded in getting us, the audience, to fully identify with Tony and his world - in which nothing can ever be totally safe.

So what happens after that cut to black may be everyone gets killed, or just Tony gets killed, or who knows, maybe just Meadow ... or maybe life just goes on...

Any one want to make any predictions?

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