Thursday, June 7, 2007

Soprano Predictions ... Tony's Family

Three days to the very end of The Sopranos....

I've been thinking more about who will be left standing....

I wrote on Sunday that I thought Tony would be among the living, and I still think so. It's the more satisfying, and less obvious ending - more satisfying and less obvious than Tony being taken out.

But there are a lot of other characters on the show we care about.

And I'm not as optimistic about them. Tony tells Carmela that family members are never deliberately hit in these kinds of wars - but how really important is that kind of tradition? Who would Phil have to answer to if he had Carmella, Meadow, and AJ killed?

I hate to say it, but someone very near and dear to Tony will likely die. Would Janice's death be enough to satisfy this Greek tagic requirement? Maybe ... probably not.

If I had to bet, I'd say that Carmela may not make it - which would leave Tony at the end with Meadow and AJ. A heartbreaking ending, but one with a least a little hope.

I saw a story somewhere that David Chase has prepared three possible endings, to be able to play the surprise card in the event that the ending now in place somehow leaked...

If that is true, then anything is truly possible for Sunday...

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